Foreign Bodies

This series of works reflect the feeling of an ”other” residing in a “place”. I feel that every place we inhabit is foreign to us, in the sense that we are not truly connected to the place in the way that plants are rooted to the ground. The only place that we may call home is our mother’s womb. To all other places, we are simply tourists. These works are inspired by the country of Hungary, where I discovered the rich culture of Eastern Europe, and in particular, the history of thermal baths and springs. The public baths were, in their time, a place of social hedonism, but also a place to feel a greater sense of one’s body. In this work, I look to express a transformation of the identity of a separate self into a moving and melding form that becomes one with place, space, and experience–both imagined and real. It is this translation of “bodily” experiences that comes forth in my work through the metaphoric qualities of water and the ritual aspects of cleansing, rebirthing into new forms.

Click on each image below to see the full view of each work in larger scale…

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