This project began in Mexico City as a project produced for the Biennial of the Americas where I resided in Mexico City for ten weeks as a creative ambassador. The experience resulted in the production of 315 oil paintings and 100 drawings which I transformed into an epic pile that was a cross between a pyramid ruin and the piles of trashed that I noticed around the city. I created a semi-appropriated narrative history for the site which is documented in a book that features images of all paintings and drawings and the text of my personal history utilizing the format of the ex-voto painting with awkward translations demonstrating my position as a faux migrant worker. You can view the book in sections here:
Part 1– Introductions and Visual Documents : art ; Part 2– Visual Documents : artifacts ; Part 3– Visual Documents : space and spectacle ; Part 4– Visual Documents : “walls” and white noise ; Part 5– Visual Documents : nature ; and Part 6– Endings : emotion and headings .