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UnCanny Times

The Artnauts at Seidel City
3205 Longhorn Rd. Boulder, CO 80302

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September through the end of November, 2021

Ponder these uncanny times we are in and consider how the world, the community or you have changed. Though our current times seem unrecognizable, are there recognizable patterns from the past? What has remained the same or cycled back? What new paradigms will we forge? This reflection can span global history, the past 25 years of the Artnauts’ mission of social change, lessons learned and dreams for the future.



Traveling International Exhibitions, including: Swansea, Wales; Carmarthen, North Wales; Undegun, Wrexham, North Wales; Japan; Vermont; Canada; Norway; Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado.

elysium, 210 High Street,
Swansea, SA1 1PE

Summer 2021 – 2022

The term Border describes literal or invisible lines: edges that separate and divide, that contain and limit. Without Borders is particularly evocative and redolent in these current times. Ever-quickening, reactive politics results in some borders hardening, whilst others dissolve. The divide between rich and poor appears to be widening. Physical, geographical, and social borders, together with the fragile, permeable border between life and death have also been highlighted by the recent pandemic.



K Contemporary Art
1412 Wazee St.
Denver, CO 80202

Spring or Summer 2022

Solo exhibition of new works upcoming!

Represented by:
K Contemporary Art, 1412 Wazee St. Denver, CO
Contact:, 303-590-9800