Serving Gluttony

Group Exhibition

April 5 – May 6, 2024


Unit London, Mayfair

3 Hanover Square

Mayfair, W1S 1HD

+44 (0) 20 7494 2035


Throughout history artists have captured food in their works, intertwining a seemingly mundane human experience with discussions of production and consumption, waste and greed. Though food is a nutritional necessity, its significance extends beyond mere survival, exerting significant influence on our emotional and social connections. This exhibition explores the intricate links between politics and the food industry, influencing what we eat and how much, as well as our attitudes to nutrition. With an international supply chain that contains enough to feed everyone in the USA and UK nearly twice over, Serving Gluttony considers the unequal distribution of food, challenges of waste management, and big cities’ contributions to climate change.


The exhibition forms part of Voices, an ideas-driven online programme intended to spark critical conversations about art and culture, foreground new perspectives and promote curiosity. At its heart is a social mission, providing a dynamic platform for international artists grappling with the important social, political and environmental issues of our time. 


Solar Panel Art Project, group exhibition


The Artnauts Collective in Ukraine

Distribution in Schools, Hospitals, Military Units
Lutsk, Ukraine



In a new venture, the Artnauts are teaming up with Sunflower Seeds Ukraine, Broomfield Rotary and Fairview High School to revamp spent solar panels into working cell phone chargers. In the past year, 35 panels have been shipped to schools, hospitals, and defense units in the Ukraine which allow for communication to continue during blackouts. 


Artwork from our members mingle with community sentiments that bring hope and support to a nation that needs to know that the world has not forgotten what they are enduring. “Art Not As Usual” is being shared and viewed as people wait 4 hours for their phones to charge.

Upcoming Exhibition

Solo Show, first floor gallery


Kiechel Fine Art Gallery

1208 'O' Street

Lincoln, NE 68508


Opening Reception: TBA

On view beginning September 2024


About: Kiechel Fine Art, established in 1986, specializes in 19th and 20th century American Art, Old Master and Contemporary prints, as well as regional and national contemporary art.  We represent the estates of several notable artists and private family trusts.  Our gallery offers the highest level of services including art consultation and certified appraisal.  We have placed work in corporate, private and museum collections worldwide.  Working with private and corporate clients, we strive to build collections with current and future value. Member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association and International Society of Appraisers

Unusal Surfaces

Group Exhibition
September 2023 and online through November 2023

bG Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave #A2

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: 310-906-4211


About: bG gallery specializes in accomplished artists who have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies including expressive-conceptual, insider-outsider, high-low and figurative-abstract.

This exhibition will feature my current work utilizing moss and fur, both in gallery and on-line.

Works available at…

K Contemporary Art :

1412 Wazee St. Denver, CO 80202



Kiechel Fine Art :

1208 'O' Street, Lincoln, NE 68508




DARIA : Denver Art Review Inquiry + Analysis

Review of “Made in Colorado” Exhibition by Laura I. Miller

Link to full review:

Art Magazine

“The portion of the exhibition at CU Denver Experience Gallery features 12 artists working in sculpture, video, photography, textile, and paint. In her oil painting Fair Game, Melissa Furness tangles with the untamable nature of weeds. A dense thicket of black and white overgrowth in the foreground contrasts with a brightly-colored floral wallpaper in the background. Fairies, imaginary animals, and an anatomical heart are entwined with the thicket, suggesting a struggle, but also the inescapable dichotomies of light and dark, chaos and control. The gothic ethos of this painting encapsulates the modern tug-of-war between saving and destroying nature.”

Canvas Rebel

Artist Interview

Link to On-line Conversation:

Meet Melissa Furness


“It is very rewarding to be able to give to the world as well as learn from it, to affect others and have them affect you, to observe, to notice things and put them out into the world in a new form that creates growth and change in perhaps small and leading into bigger ways…”