Painting As Ruin

I am an artist that is fascinated by process. With all of my work, I have this drive in relation to my developing concepts to see what else I can explore with media. With this series of works, the concept of ruins moved from the depiction of the ruin within the image of a single painted work and expanded outwards. I felt challenged to create actual large scale three dimensional structural ruins out of paintings themselves. I utilized the stretched canvas as a kind of brick to form a larger structure inspired by my travels to Mexico, Ireland, Wales and China. These works place into question the preciousness of a single painting. With these series, I put paintings into piles like trash or pyramids, let them weather outside and even encouraged people to step on them. I was fascinated as well by the confused public when confronted with such works. It seemed I was all over the place, but here you see clearly the connections and processes that I was exploring. 

Click on each image below to see the full view of each work in larger scale…

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